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Versatile POS System for Retail

Your processing solution should be as simple as possible. If charged a flat rate, retail businesses processing rates should not vary and will be unchanging regardless of other factors.

Shift’s Retail POS System is an easy to use tablet based point of sale solution designed to help small businesses run more efficiently and grow their bottom line. 

It’s a complete Point of sale solution that makes taking in store payments and online payment painless, by capturing key business information and delivers all the benefits of more expensive Point of Sale systems without the high Point of sale price tag. 

Shift’s Retail POS Systems also offer free processing apps, which lets you manage your customer and social media marketing easily from a central location. Shift helps drive your business.

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Common Competitor’s Pricing and Fees

Many other processing companies opt to use interchangeplus pricing, which basically charges a markup on top of an initial fee or service charge to get themselves additional commission. For example, a retail merchant that gives their employees business credit cards will have a higher interest rate than a personal credit card. To get commission, however, a sales representative for that credit card might charge a markup to get extra commission for themselves. 

Keeping your customers can actually keep fees lower, too. Complying with PCI compliance rules will result in less fees. PCI compliance fees stem from a business failing to keep proper safety and security standards. So, keeping yourself safe will actually result in less overall fees.

Many smaller businesses elect to use square POS systems for their business. It provides an easy and convenient way for small businesses that do not process a large amount of transactions per month to process purchases. However, where Square for retail falls short is in the fees that they charge. They tend to charge higher rates which is one of the reasons that mostly smaller businesses choose them to process integrated payments. Your fees will grow as you grow your business.

For businesses that mostly sell online, many set up ecommerce integrations through Shopify POS systems. They are popular for their lower fees than other online processors. However, they fall short in offering brick and mortar POS systems.

Point of Sale Software

Our retail POS software accepts credit and debit through our retail payments processor. With Shift, you can feel secure in knowing that it accepts credit card payments from all major credit card companies and even mobile payments like Apple Pay. All purchases will be accepted with data security in mind, giving peace of mind to both the customer and the retail merchant account.

The payment gateway that Shift uses will accept credit cards, debit cards, and even gift cards. Whatever the type of payment card, the purchase will be secure. Your business can feel safe and secure from any card information getting mishandled, as the majority of credit card payment processors are forced to comply with PCI standards.

Some payment processors offer cloudbased retail POS systems, which basically takes away the POS server moves the traffic from each transaction to a different sales channel.

POS is much more than just credit card machines that can accept payments. They differ from credit card terminals by accepting cash and having cash drawers, providing check acceptance, and additional POS software features, like accepting electronic payment through processing with mobile devices and online credit card payments processing through a virtual terminal, can vary depending on the model.

A retail POS system might have inventory software that is similar to the features of a restaurant POS system, but the two systems are still very different. Retail POS should be used for retail stores, just as restaurant POS should be used for a restaurant. This is due to a number of different features for each system that is meant for the type of business that it was built for.

Shift doesn't lock you into a longterm contract like other processing companies and credit card processors. We work based on month-to-month contracts. So, if you become dissatisfied for whatever reason, you can leave at any time. 

Many competitors charge high prices just for their terminals. Here at Shift, we give you a terminal at no charge to you for as long as your process payments with us. If you ever decide to move on and choose a different processor for whatever the reason, you just simply return it to us, still at no charge to you.

Additional Features

Many POS systems come with features aimed to help you. Many come with management tools that can track inventory to help you with inventory reports and give you sales reports. While having your POS system handle reporting and analytics is completely optional, it has the potential to save you, the retail store owner, the time of having to provide realtime reports.

POS systems can come with project management software built in. This software can essentially help you keep track of things like time, distribution and budgeting.

They can also help with many management system projects. From employee management to retail management, your POS system should be able to help you keep track of all your management tasks.

If your business has customer loyalty programs available to customers, your POS system can help with that as well. It can help you sign people up for the program, as well as accept membership from customers.

Some systems even come installed with a help desk software that helps the business owner manage customer requests and customer care issues.

POS systems are also typically capable of helping you create a customer profile. A customer profile is basically a list of your current customers that shows their interests, demographics and more that can help you push a product or service towards a particular person. It gives you a better change to make a sale by offering a product your customer is interested in, and gives the customer the chance to find a product that interests them that they may not otherwise have been able to find.

Your POS system, to put it simply, should be able to do more than just be a payment processor and barcode scanner.

The Bottom Line

When choosing a POS system for your business, consider the size of your business and if you are trying to grow your retail business. That will affect your decision, as different POS systems are meant for differently sized businesses.

All business types need to accept payments besides cash. The use of cash keeps dwindling further and further, making it apparent that your business will need to accept alternate payment methods. 

So, how will you do it? We know how complicated choosing a POS system can be. Shift wants to help. If your company is deciding between multiple different POS systems, find one that at the very least accommodates all your needs. However, if you find yourself wanting to combine a few different programs into one for a more simplistic set up, you might consider a terminal with more features than just simply payment processing.

Ask yourself what you want out of your POS system. Do you want an advanced retail system with features like accounting software or marketing software? Or do you plan on doing business online? If you, you might be interested in shopping cart software that allows your customers to actually purchase items.

Do you want the top POS system with tons of features? Or are you fine with a less complicated, simpler system? It’s entirely up to your preference and your business size.

At the end of the day, the processor that you determine is right for your business is entirely up to you and your staff. Not everyone is comfortable with having all that software on one POS system, and that is perfectly fine. If a standard terminal or credit card reader is what is best for you and your business, we recommend going with what feels right for you.

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A Complete Retail POS System That’s Easy To Use:

Lowest Swipe Fee

We keep our per swipe fees low because we feel that merchants that keep more money will be able to grow their business faster. When you win, Shift wins.

Easy Out of box setup

Set up your new storefront Point of sale solution and start taking payments in the time it takes you to brew a cup of coffee. Email receipts to your customers for even better customer service.

Versatility at its best

Access your business data from any internet enabled android device, even on the beach! Manage transactions, inventory, profitability, and customer information even when you’re on the go.

free marketing tool

Advertise your business with the included marketing suite. Create coupons, sales templates and track promotions all with ease. Don’t pay extra for high priced marketing tools, let us include that for you absolutely free!

Inventory Management

Our systems have unlimited SKU’s that can be entered, so the sky is the limit! Don’t be tied down with a maximum amount of items your cash registers can handle, add new products whenever you need to with Shift.

full back office

Track your customer management and data easily with Shift custom global payment solution for retailers and our ecommerce platform. Our systems are built with easy to understand and detailed reporting and charts that will help you keep existing customers while bringing in new ones.

here to help

If you are a new business owner, we at Shift know that you have many decisions to make. You have to establish an online store, create a pricing plan, obtain business loans from financial institutions, and find a credit card processing company that you can trust. We want to make this new process as easy as possible for you.

alternative payment methods

If it doesn't sound like POS hardware or software is for you and your business, you may have better luck with standard credit card terminals with credit card readers, also offered by Shift. If you have any more questions about anything in this article, check out our blog’s resource library or get in contact with us!

You may qualify for a free Retail Point of Sale system!

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Features of our Retail POS System

Shift Processing has one of the most advanced POS software Systems on the market, and we are proud of the feature set of our products. Check out some of the key POS features below.

Integrated Processing

With the Shift Retail POS System, credit card processing is already built in so you don’t have to worry about an extra terminal sitting beside your POS System.

Unlimited Inventory

Always have enough headroom for wherever you take your business in the future. With unlimited inventory built into the system, you are always ready for whatever is thrown your way.

Email or Print Receipts

Ensure that you can deliver your receipt in the format most preferred by each customer you encounter. Email the receipt and add them to your mailing list, or give them a physical receipt with receipt printers!

Easy & Safe Payments

Every card payment that you take is secure end to end so you never have to worry about your data being at risk. Protect your customer databases like you want your data to be protected through our payment systems.

Simplicity Defined

Employees today are used to a touchscreen environment, and the Shift Storefront POS Solution gives employees the familiarity to accept payments through an in store POS system that they know and expect. Help your employees help you.