Kratom Credit
Card Processing  


Are you tired of having to go offshore to find a merchant account?

Are you sick of having  your money tied up in a reserve?

Would you like to have a single MID for your business?

Credit Card Processing for Kratom 


Are you tired of having to go offshore to find a merchant account?

Are you sick of having  your money tied up in a reserve?

Would you like to have a single MID for your business?

Introducing Credit Card Processing for Kratom Sellers

Cashless Commerce at its Finest

Accept all payment types through a domestic bank on State level.

(No more offshore accounts just to accept payments!)

No reserves needed.

(You get all of your money in less than a minute.)

A single merchant account for your business.

(No more shifting between multiple MID’s to accept payments through a month of billing)

Customers experience the sale like a traditional pharmacy merchant account.

The Benefits of Kratom Credit Card Processing

with Shift

  • Increase sales by up to 30%  With no volume limitations on your account, the sky is the limit for your business.
  • FDIC Insurance for all payments  Accept payment knowing that you’re covered by protection from the FDIC.
  • Use a domestic state level bank  With this proprietary e-wallet solution, you can use any bank in your state rather than overseas.
  • Guaranteed same day funding  Have same day access to all of your funds with this proprietary e-wallet.
  • Payment in 1.43 seconds  There’s no longer any reason to wait to get access to your funds. Get paid in less than 2 seconds.
  • Works with both Retail and ECommerce  Whether you accept payment in person or online, with Shift, we’ve got you covered.
  • Connect to existing payment system  Our system works with Woo Commerce, Wordpress as well as through a direct API and more.
  • 1:1 Conversions on all funds  With this proprietary block-chain technology, you get all the money you deserve with each sale.
  • Internal Underwriting All of our underwriting is internal. Businesses can get approved in only a few days.
  • POS companion systems available We have companion systems for your retail store simplifying the payment process.
  • No account reserves With Shift Processing, there are never reserves on your account. Don’t let them hold money you’ve earned.
  • Cash discount program compatible You can choose to pass some of the fees on to your customers.

How Does Instant Funding Work?

When we say instant funding for kratom processing accounts, we mean instant. It takes less than 4 seconds from the time the card is swiped before the payment lands in your account. No more waiting until the end of the day and needing to batch out an entire business day of transactions. With Shift Processing, access to your money has never been easier using our high risk merchant accounts. Don’t let your merchant service providers hold on to your money by acting like a collection agency, get it right away. It’s almost like a cash advance from your nutraceutical merchant account!

What API’s do you work with on a website?

We work with all of the industry leading payment online payment gateways to make sure we have a processing API that works for ecommerce merchants and online businesses.

Whether you’ve built your ecommerce site on Wordpress, BigCommerce, Shopify or any of the popular web platforms, we’ve got you covered with our ecommerce credit card processing solution. We currently integrate with everything from Wix, Squarespace, Magento, OpenCart, ZenCart and more. The best way to make sure we can work with your API is to schedule a quick call using the button below. Our representatives will be more than happy to give you the news that as ecommerce credit card processors, we have payment solutions that work for your business types.

How long does it take to get setup?

Getting your business up and running to process kratom payments takes just a few days. The application for your kratom business is accepted online, and we give it to our internal underwriting team instantly.

It takes just a few hours for our high risk processing team to go through your documentation and approve your in-store or ecommerce merchant account.

Once you’re approved for our online kratom merchant account, your account will be created and the information on how to connect to your new API will be sent over to you.

If you need an EMV terminal or POS solution to process cards at your location, we ship those out to you the same or very next day. Access to your gateway login is provided as soon as your account is officially approved.

It couldn’t be easier to process Kratom payments with Shift Processing! We make high risk credit card processing feel low risk. We get you up and running fast so you can help those with chronic pain experience the relief they need.

What are the hidden fees?

At Shift Processing, we don’t believe in hidden fees. We want to be your processing partner that you want to work with, not just one that you’re locked into a multi-year contract with. Speaking of multi-year contracts, we don’t believe in them either. We do month-to-month accounts for all of our solutions for kratom credit card processing accounts. We offer affordable rates to the high risk industry to make credit card payments easy.

how long does it take to get a quote?

Instant quotes aren’t possible with kratom high risk accounts, but we can give you a custom quote during a phone call after we collect a few key pieces of information about your business. Approval rarely takes longer than 1-2 business days.

is this really a u.s. based merchant account?

Absolutely. One of the biggest challenges for cbd merchants and kratom sellers is the ability to accept payment domestically. You don’t need to look for offshore merchant processing or an offshore payment gateway. With our kratom credit card processing solution, it’s finally possible to accept payments for kratom vendors and cbd with a domestic U.S. merchant solution. 

Say goodbye to overseas credit card merchants and bitcoin merchant accounts for kratom purchases! We believe that U.S. based companies shouldn’t be treated like offshore merchants. With Shift, there’s no need to search for offshore merchant account providers.

why is kratom considered high risk?

While we wish kratom companies were seen as low risk merchants, the truth is that kratom businesses are considered high risk. Our team of experienced veterans in the processing industry understand how to make your kratom business as low risk as possible before your account is submitted to underwriting. We’re focused on the success of your business, and that makes us a different kind of credit card processing company.

say no to offshore credit card processing

We know you’re searching for high risk merchant account providers in the USA, and we’re here to help. That’s true whether you sell in person or are needing high risk ecommerce accounts for your kratom payment processing. You don’t need to go searching for offshore credit card merchant account providers. Shift offers simple, instant credit card processing solutions right here in the USA.

can you also work with cbd merchant accounts?

Yes! We have solutions that work for cbd oil merchants and cbd dispensaries. Our cbd merchant account works with all different types of cbd businesses, either at a retail location or online. Our credit card merchants can sell kratom, cbd and other adult content.

do you have a referral program?

The business owners we work with are constantly telling their friends about their experience with Shift Processing, and you can find out more about our referral program for Kratom card processing on a quick call with one of our representatives. We want to be the preferred merchant account provider that helps you grow your business.

Shift Processing: 

Kratom merchant accounts that WORK for High Risk Businesses.