Cannabis Credit Card Processing | Dispensary Credit Card Processing

Cannabis Credit
Card Processing  


Are you ready to accept both cash and credit cards for any transaction at your dispensary?

Ready for an easy to use system that facilitates all card types including Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Discover?

Want to make more per sale since customers tend to spend about 30% more when they pay with plastic?

Cannabis Credit Card Processing 


Are you ready to accept both cash and credit cards for any transaction at your dispensary?

Ready for an easy to use system that facilitates all card types including Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Discover?

Want to make more per sale since customers tend to spend about 30% more when they pay with plastic?

Introducing Cannabis Credit Card Processing

Dispensary payments made easy with Shift

Accept all types of credit cards with marijuana payment processing

Accept more than cash and debit cards.  With Shift, you can now accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. You can finally have a merchant account for selling Cannabis. Other credit card processors say no to dispensaries, but here at Shift, we have unique solutions for marijuana merchant accounts to accept credit cards for marijuana payment.

Customers experience the sale just like a local retail business

Instead of complex payment systems and bulky processes, your customers will experience the sale just like buying a latte from their local coffee shop. Patrons pull out their card, swipe or insert their card and collect their receipt like a purchase they make at any other business. Our proprietary POS system makes each transaction easy with no need for a virtual terminal.

Lowers theft

With more and more of your customers using credit cards for their purchases, you’ll have much less cash on hand reducing the risk large amounts of cash brings.

Money is FDIC insurred

All of your money is held in US banks at a 1:1 ratio using US Dollars. There is nothing held offshore with our cannabis merchant accounts.

No cryptocurrency or gift card work-arounds

This is the only system that’s able to do cannabis payment processing for dispensaries without using crypto or gift cards. A dispensary is a retail business like any other, so why not accept payment processing the same way?

medical marijuana and CBD

Did you know that business consumers on average will spend 12% to 18% more when they have the ability to pay with a credit card at a retail business? That number is even higher for marijuana dispensaries. We are seeing an overall increase of 25-30%.

Just Imagine the Increase in Revenue​​​​​

Monthly Revenue

Increased Monthly

Increased Annual
















Accept credit cards with almost zero fees 

With the Shift Processing dispensary merchant account, each merchant has the option to set a privacy fee that can greatly reduce the cost of acceptance. 

For some dispensaries, the privacy fee has completely eliminated the cost the business pays to accept credit cards. Taking credit cards doesn't have to break the bank. Increase your revenue with a small cost of acceptance. It's a win-win for your dispensary.

Ask a representative today how you can accept credit cards for your cannabis shop and pay almost nothing in credit card fees.

The Benefits of Dispensary Credit Card Processing 

with Shift

  • Accept all credit cards at your dispensary  Until now, it was impossible to accept credit cards at marijuana dispensaries. Even with many states legalizing marijuana, debit cards have been the only option for card payment. With a dispensaries processing account from Shift, you will be able to accept all major card brands like Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover for cannabis payment. Accepting credit and debit card payments shouldn’t be difficult for marijuana vendors.
  • Debit and Credit Cards for payment Marijuana related business operations haven’t been able to find a payment processor allowing both credit cards and debit cards until now. No more alternative payments are needed for your customers to gain access to recreational or medical marijuana. Just pull out their card and swipe.
  • Money is held in US bank accounts  Just because you operate a cannabis friendly dispensary doesn’t mean that you have to process credit cards overseas. With the Shift solution, you can process payments and keep your money in US Banks. This gives you peace of mind with all your transactions.
  • All payments settle instantly  No more waiting 3 days or longer to get your payments. All payments within the Shift system settle instantly to your eWallet account, so you don’t have to wait to have access to your money. You can even pay vendors digitally in your supply chain or issue eChecks.
  • Ticket sales are 25 to 30% higher  People bring cash in a limited quantity, so there’s a hard cap to the amount of money they can spend. Yes they can visit your cannabis ATM and pull out more but when the money runs out in their bank account they have no more to spend. By enabling credit card payments at your dispensary, you will see a huge increase in purchases by each patron.
  • No more hiring armored truck drivers to collect cash Instead of multiple daily pickups from an armored car service with armed guards, you can rest assured that your money is safe and away from anyone who would like to make a quick buck by robbing the place. There’s no longer a need to have a massive amount of cash sitting around when you use our domestic merchant account and payment gateway.
  • Lowers theft When there’s hardly any cash being taken for purchases, there’s much less risk of theft because the score isn’t big enough. Dramatically reduce your theft risk by enabling credit card payments in your dispensary.
  • Makes taxes easy  Each payment to your eWallet is recorded in your eWallet and available for direct deposit, ACH transactions or digital checks. Moving the money out of the eWallet couldn’t be easier with Shift’s payment processing solutions.
  • Accept more payment methods  With both cash and every card brand available for transactions at your dispensary, the number of customers you can serve is only going to go up. Accepting credit cards quadruples your customers payment options. With cannabis banking, your customers will rejoice over your many payment solutions.
  • Money is FDIC Insured  All funds are held in US banks that are FDIC insured the entire time that funds are in your eWallet. There’s no need to worry about large piles of cash or a shady overseas account to build your business. 
  • No cryptocurrency workarounds  Every other solution on the market uses gift cards or cryptocurrency to work around the laws and systems put in place to protect both you and your customer. This solution is a merchant account built for dispensaries.
  • It’s as easy as buying a cup of coffee  There’s no learning curve for your staff or your customers. They experience the sale just like they would if they were buying a cup of coffee at their local gas station or coffeehouse.
  • Digitally pay vendors  All dispensaries have vendors in their supply chain. Now you can easily pay them digitally. You can even pay rent, bills, taxes and payroll using eChecks. We make it easy.

Shift Processing: 

Cannabis merchant accounts that WORK for High Risk Businesses.

who is this solution for?

This solution is designed for recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries, normally classified as high risk merchant businesses that find it difficult to obtain a traditional merchant account for their business type. This marijuana credit card processing solution is for companies that have traditionally had to go overseas just to get a merchant account or for those merchants that have found it impossible to get any type of merchant account before now.

How does the system work?

This system is based on blockchain technology which keeps all of the payment information stored in encrypted clocks to ensure that each transaction is validated. As more transactions are added, one block quickly becomes a chain of blocks with all of the payment information stored for each transaction. 

is this solution legal?

Absolutely! This patented blockchain solution is completely legal in all 50 states in the U.S. with more areas coming soon. This solution works for retail dispensary, cannabis merchants, hemp oil, CBD vape, and medical marijuana dispensaries. Federal governments can regulate substances and payments on the federal level. Processing for cannabis and marijuana merchants is completely legal when you follow processing and banking regulations and federal laws.

What is an ewallet or merchant wallet?

A merchant wallet is your virtual management portal that you interact with online. The merchant wallet continues to store revenue with each new sale and allows you as the merchant to manage and process all business expenses as you see fit. 

how do funds get into the merchant wallet?

Your merchant wallet will be fully integrated with your system at the point of sale, and as each new transaction is finished, your money will be placed immediately into your eWallet within seconds. The issuing bank, card issuer and patron all experience the transaction just like every other that’s run each day. Business owners are loving the option to take credit card transactions in marijuana industries.

how do funds get out of the merchant wallet?

There are many different ways to get your funds out of the merchant wallet. Digital checks are the easiest way to move money outside of the digital wallet as well as direct deposit to bank accounts for payroll and expenses. You can work with any financial institutions for banking solutions with Shift as your merchant account provider.

what is blockchain?

We find it easiest to think of blockchain like this. Every transaction at your business is considered a block. It’s a complete transaction, and this block carries all of the information needed to report on the transaction and move money from the payment method to the virtual wallet. As each new transaction (or block) comes in, it forms a chain of blocks or “block chain” of all of the payments received in a single day.

where is money held in the system?

All of the money within this system is held in US banks and fully insured by the FDIC. We believe banks and credit card payments should be easy for dispensaries, CBD and hemp merchants.

do you use cryptocurrency or gift cards as a workaround?

Absolutely not. This is a proprietary solution that enables you to keep your payments in US dollars accepted through all of the major card brands with all funds being held in US banks that are FDIC insured. There is no cryptocurrency or gift card that has any part in this payment solution for your business. 

will i be able to accept payments from smart devices like apple pay?

Yes! Our terminal makes accepting mobile payments easy with built in near-field technology. We believe that cannabis banking solutions and dispensary credit card processing should be able to function like every other business in the country. We pride ourselves in high risk merchant accounts for CBD merchants and cannabis dispensaries that make it easy to sell more.

are there any hidden  setup fees?

We don’t hide fees regardless if it’s an account for legal cannabis sales, CBD merchant account or dispensary credit card processing. With Shift Processing, we don’t hide fees, we build relationships that last. (and you can’t build relationships hiding fees.) Digitally pay vendors

Who is this solution not for?

It's not for online only sales. This solution is designed for those that have a brick and mortar storefront. It's not for dispensaries using only mobile processing or other payment systems. If your hope is to walk around your dispensary with a phone swiper to accept payments, this isn't the right solution for you. It's also not for dispensaries using loyalty programs as those are handled through the POS system rather than the merchant processing account.

We currently do not offer this service in the state of Washington.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Recent Testimonials

Cannabis payment solutions and banking systems have been a nightmare in the past, but with Shift Processing we can finally accept credit cards for our marijuana business. Merchant services providers are hard to find for the cannabis industry, but Shift solved our payments processing needs.


Dispensary Store Owner

We have been a cash only cannabis business ever since the state legalized a few years ago. We always had people wanting to pay with a card and we always told them we couldn’t. Now with Shift’s cannabis solutions, we can serve every customer regardless of their payment method.


Dispensary Store Owner

First Months, Revenues sored. Once people realized we could accept credit cards they would come in more often and buy more. We started with just a couple check outs that accepted cards and quickly had to add a few more. This was the best thing that ever happened for our dispensary.


Dispensary Store Owner