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Core Values of Shift Processing

These four core values are very important to Shift Processing. Our goal is to make sure that once we add a customer, we keep them for life. Many other credit card processors will give great teaser rates to start, but then lock you into a 3 or 4 year card payment processing contract with hidden fees attached. After a few months, your once rates guaranteed will start gradually moving up. That’s why we are a no contract company. We want to make sure the great, lower rates we give you day one will be the same rates you see 3 years from now. We want all our customers to not only be excited about merchant services card processing through Shift, but finally be happy with their merchant processing service decision.


Here at Shift Processing, integrity comes first. We are totally transparent when it comes to pricing. We don’t lock you into lengthy contracts or force your business to pay high prices for equipment. When your business succeeds, we succeed.

If you are a small business owner, we understand that you have enough things to think about, like obtaining business loans from financial institutions, as it is. It can be stressful trying to integrate payment processing solutions.  That is why we want to make finding a payment processor as simple as possible for you. 


We want to be straight with you about what we can do for your business. No hidden charges, no flat rate hikes after you’ve been debit cards, gift cards and credit cards processing for 6 months and no monkey business. Let us show you how much money we can save your business each month, and you’ll be a customer for life even without the contract.


We are dedicated to our merchants. We don’t base rates on the size of the business like you might find with another payment processor. We are a merchant account provider who feels that all merchants are equal and should all get the same low credit card processing rates. We make selling easy so you can focus on growing your business.


When it comes to customer service, you’re dealing with the owners and operators of this business. We don’t send our calls overseas to a call center where nobody speaks English or understands our product. With Shift Processing, you’re working alongside real Americans who want to see your business prosper.


Our merchant services are month-to-month and there are no long term contracts.

Merchant Services for all your business needs


A credit card terminal, or credit card machine, can be a great option for your merchant business. Terminals can run through phone lines, internet or even be wireless, and are usually used by restaurants or retail storefronts. Here at Shift we offer many options when it comes to Credit Card terminals. We even offer a free terminal solution to eligible businesses.

EMV terminals can vary greatly in terms of features. All terminals should be able to accept payments from contact and contactless payment methods. Find the one that has the features that is best for your business.

Virtual Terminals

Save money and improve sales by using our Virtual Terminal. Our online merchant payment solutions and payment gateway allows you to easily and securely accept credit and debit card transactions on your computer anywhere, at any time. If you’re looking for a recurring billing solution, our Virtual Terminal has you completely covered. Our Virtual Terminal caters to business owners looking for an add-on or alternative to point-of-sale hardware.

Point of Sale System

A point of sale system is used mostly by restaurants or retail storefronts but can offer more options than a credit card terminal. Point of sale solutions can run through internet or even be wireless processing systems and have added options like inventory management tools, and social marketing. Here at Shift we think every business should have the opportunity to inexpensively purchase a point of sale system that can help their business grow. We even offer a FREE point of sale system for eligible services business.

High Risk Merchant Services

Shift Processing works directly with banks in strategic countries to assist merchants in high risk industries. There are many obvious high risk industries, like the cannabis industry, but there are also less obvious high risk industries, like the car rental or even the real estate industry. While the internet has led to an explosion of international sales and E-Commerce volumes, it does not come without risks. (Not being able to verify a signature, compare other ID, etc…) There is increased risk of use of stolen credit cards or unauthorized use of valid commercial cards may increase. While it is impossible to catch all instances of fraud, there are a number of techniques that can be used to reduce the potential for fraud and chargebacks. That is why Shift Processing high risk merchant services and payment processing accounts employ the most up to date anti-fraud scrubbing tools in the industry to help protect our merchants from losses.

Some businesses are considered high risk because of the possibility that they may not get their money immediately. Businesses that hand out funds through loans or merchant cash advances might be considered high risk because of the uncertainty of when the money and interest will be paid back to them.


Does your business sell online? Many people think Paypal is the smart way to go. And depending on the amount of transactions you run, it can be. But Paypal’s overall rates are much higher, so once you start doing $5000 or more a month in transactions, Shift Processing’s E-Commerce account becomes a much better fit. If your company needs ecommerce solutions to process payments online, find out how Shift can help you.

Many businesses that develop an online presence and begin to process online payments have improved investor relations, as well as satisfy their corporate governance, because their businesses naturally sell more products and thus make more money. Processing credit cards online will only help you grow your business.

Mobile Processing

Here at shift we have two different mobile credit card processing solutions. The first solution is for smaller businesses and is comparable to square and paypal. Shift’s solution is cheaper than both because we don’t spend money on heavy advertising. The second solution is for businesses with higher volume and multiple representatives in the field. This integrated payments system comes with a free virtual terminal and unlimited connected payment card readers for easy mobile payments processing.

The Virtual Terminal
  • Manually key in retail credit card information to accept credit card payments.
  • Process payments, refunds or void transactions in real-time or in batches.
  • Set up recurring or installment billing for memberships or subscriptions.
  • Print receipts immediately or securely store card information for invoicing.
  • Access real-time semi-annual or annual reports and export data to track performance.
  • Accept electronic payments on-the-go, by phone, fax, or mail.

Are you ready to process mailed or called in payments at a lower rate? Would you like to increase your income through recurring client billing?

merchant services - virtual terminal

Many customers ask us, “Which merchant service is best?”

The best merchant service providers are,  simply, the ones that can offer you the lowest transaction fees and the best service. We recommend going with a merchant account processor that does more than accept credit cards, like American Express, Visa and Mastercard.. While accepting major credit card sales is vital to finding POS solutions for your business, it is not the only necessary feature. It must also be able to accept other payment methods or payment options, as well as potentially performing online credit card processing on your web site. 

Many payment management systems can directly move payments accepted from sales to the banks account, business checking accounts, or business accounts of the merchant that is accepting the sale. A registered ISO, or independent sales organization, is responsible for signing up merchants to accept credit cards on behalf of the acquiring bank. 

Credit card manufacturers must maintain PCI compliance, or be forced to pay fees if they don't. Remaining PCI compliant will help to keep customers' information safe and secure. 

Are you ready to process mailed or called in payments at a lower interchange rate? Would you like to increase your income through recurring client billing?