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  • Tired of paying a percentage of every ticket just for the ability to accept credit cards?
  • Are the hidden fees in your current contract costing you more than the amount initially quoted?
  • Want a solution where you can get back 100% of the fees that are associated with accepting credit cards?

If you’re looking for free online credit card processing, fill out the form below or give us a call today. Our testimonials speak for themselves how real customers are saving $1,000’s each month by partnering with Shift Processing. Take advantage of amazing customer service, personalized setup, and the lowest rates in the business. It’s time to SHIFT the way that you accept payments starting right now.

free online credit card processing


It seems like the finance industry is working hard to suppress the fact that it’s possible for your business to pay nothing to accept credit cards. We have patented technology that allows you to get back any fees associated with accepting cards as payment for your organization.

Our goal is to educate you, so that you know how to choose the best partner in the merchant services industry for your business.

We are small business owners ourselves, and we know what it’s like to pay to accept credit cards. We’ve worked hard to come up with a solution that allows you to be able to have a bill of NOTHING at the end of every month. I know, it sounds way too good to be true, but it’s the truth. Thousands of business owners just like you have already found free online credit card processing, and they’re saving thousands of dollars each and every month.

So, let me ask you a question. How much are you currently paying each month in credit card processing fees? You have that number in your head? Now ask yourself this question. What could you do with that money every month if you didn’t have to pay it to accept credit cards? Would you hire that additional staff that you’ve been talking about? Take that vacation that you’ve been dreaming of for years? I’m telling you, there’s no time like the present to learn how you can keep your hard earned money in your pocket. Take the next step and one of the owners of this company will call and walk you through our patented zero fee program.


Customer Service

Free online credit card processing doesn’t mean that you should settle for less than amazing customer service. With our patented zero fee program, you get U.S. based customers service whenever you need someone to call. We’re working to Shift the way that businesses accept credit cards, and we back it up with excellent customer service for every merchant.

Zero processing fees

With just about any other site on the internet, this section would talk about how low the processing fees are. With Shift Processing, we don’t give you false claims about the lowest fees in the industry because our merchants pay $0 each month. We don’t have to haggle about fees, because our merchants don’t pay any. Welcome to awesome.

Lifetime rate guarantee

One thing you might have already run into is that unsavory merchant processors will hide fees and raise rates. We don’t play those games with our merchants. We help you setup your account so that you don’t have to pay anything every month and then lock that price in for life. If you’re looking for a processing provider that likes to hide fees and hike up your rates, that’s not us. We want to be your processing partner for life.

Right payment method

If it turns out that our free online credit card processing solution isn’t right for your business, we have multiple plans available for every business type. There’s nothing more important than the correct processing method to keep your processing rate low. We work to find the perfect solution for your business type and then cut out the funny business. We want you to be so excited about your processing account that you tell all your friends, and we enable that by giving amazing customer service and designing a processing account that will perfectly match your business.

the perfect equipment

Not all credit card terminals are the same, and you want to make sure that you have the correct one for your processing method. We match the equipment with your account to ensure that you’re going to have the best experience right out of the box. You may find that a Point of Sale system will actually save you time and money, and our expert staff will walk you through the options that are best for your business type.

No hidden Fees

If you’re finding hidden fees in your statement, then you’re not currently working with Shift Processing. We don’t have hidden fees like annual fees, batch fees, burrito fees or anything else you could make up. We firmly believe that hiding fees on customers is a shady way to do business, and we won’t do it. We want you to be thrilled with your account and tell the 4 businesses next to you. Shift Processing is the No Hidden Fees processing company, and you’re going to be thrilled you decided to switch.

Are you ready for your monthly processing bill to be $0 every month? We invite you to contact us today and see if zero fee processing is right for you.

Please fill out the form below and one of our owners will be happy to listen and help you find free online credit card processing for your business.