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Cash Registers or Point of Sale System…Which is Right for Me?

In small businesses around the world, cash registers and point of sale solutions are used to manage a number of things for both small and large businesses. While the point of sale system and the cash register have quite a few similarities, there are also some significant differences. Let’s explore a few of those distinctions below.

The Shift Processing Solution

Integrated Marketing

The Shift Processing Point of Sale solution offers an easy to use mobile and social marketing tool that can help increase traffic and drive more business. This web based marketing tool allows you to pick from hundreds of offers and themes. Businesses can even create customizable offers in minutes and then send them to their customers via Facebook, Twitter, email, or text message all with a single click. With the simple to use built-in dashboard, you can even see how your offers perform in real time on any Android enabled device. About the only element that cash registers have to help you with your marketing is that loud and obnoxious beep every time you hit a key. Don’t be left in the dark with a product that constantly under-performs for your business.

Online Sales Reporting

Do you ever get to the end of the day and wonder how much money is in the cash registers? Imagine being able to pull a report from your register that could give you an exact readout of all of the purchases and sales that have happened up to the minute that you print it. A POS system allows you to know not only what is coming in the door as far as product inventory, but also what is going out the door when it comes to sales. Are you getting low on inventory of a particular item? Print out a report and find out what is still in stock and when it may be time to order more. Don’t just guess, know how sales are going and be able to make changes throughout the day rather than react at the day’s end.

Inventory Management

Do you have an inventory management system? Many small businesses today may not use inventory management or may just track inventory by hand because they thought the cost of a system was to high.  With Shift’s point of sale solution, inventory management is built right in and allows for  fast and easy inventory management.  Imagine being able to scan all of your inventory as it arrives and know without a doubt what you have in stock at all times when a customer asks. Give great customer service and enjoy added piece of mind for your business with the simple Shift point of sale solution.

“Aren’t point of sale systems too expensive?”

Shift has many solutions for small and large businesses when it comes to easy-to-afford point of sale systems.  Here at Shift Processing we believe that every business deserves the ease of use and freedom of a point of sale system, no matter their size or what their budget may be.  We even offer a FREE point of sale system to qualified businesses.  Just ask and we may have the perfect system for your businesses!

“Can’t I just plan on accepting cash as a payment method for my business?”

Cash may have been the default payment method for the last 100 years of business, but it is no longer the standard. Many of your customers expect to be able to pay over time on credit and with direct withdrawl through a debit card. Others who are more tech savvy will bring you their phone with NearField communication ability and expect to make payments by tapping on your credit card machine. Gone is the day where cash can be the only expected method of payment. Studies have shown that customers who use credit cards will spend 12% to 18% more than customers that use cash. Can you afford to lose the sales to all of the customers who come into your business without cash in their pocket?

“I don’t have time to set up a new POS system or train all my employees on a new system. Won’t cash registers be easier to set up and easier for my employees to learn?”

​Shift’s point of sale solution is so easy to set up that it can be set up in the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee. We  even make the training on Shift’s point of sale system super simple. All of our POS systems come with a scheduled set-up phone training as well as multiple online training videos that can be downloaded online and used with any employee. These comprehensive videos make it easy for all your employees to easily learn the ins and outs of your new system.

We're shifting the way that credit card processing is done.