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Accept Credit Cards
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  • Are you currently paying $1,000’s every month to accept credit card payments?
  • Does your current merchant statement include hidden fees that are eating your profits?
  • Ready to dump your current contract and process monthly with a $0 fee at the end of each session?

Call or fill out the form below today and one of our experts will walk you through how you can pay nothing to swipe cards for your business. Our customers are saving $1,000’s each month by taking advantage of our zero fee processing solution. Let our amazing customer service, personalized solution, and the lowest rates in the business show you why it’s time to Shift your expectations when it comes to your merchant account.

Accept Credit Cards Free


As a business owner, paying 3% to process credit cards can really eat at profit margin. Watching $1,000’s fade away into unnecessary fees each month has driven many the business owner to search out alternative methods of accepting credit cards to lower costs.

Here at Shift Processing, our patented solution allows your business to accept credit cards without paying a dime in monthly transaction fees. What would you do with the money that you would save if you didn’t have to pay any processing fees for your business? Would you hire more staff or carry new inventory? Maybe you’d launch that new service or product that you’ve been dreaming about. With Shift, the sky’s the limit because you won’t be paying for processing any longer.

Most credit card processing companies want to tell you that free merchant services is a myth. We’re here to prove them wrong. You can join the thousands of merchants currently paying zero fees for processing credit cards, and you can do it today. Even if you’re locked into a long term contract from a less reputable processing company, we help business owners just like you get free of pricey processing accounts.

Don’t let another day go by where you pay for the ability to accept credit cards as payment. Free merchant services is available to every business owner, and with Shift Processing, we make the impossible possible with our patented free merchant services solution.


Amazing Service

Don’t settle for service that is less than the best. Shift Processing is known for its customer service and going the extra mile for our customers. You’ll find our owners out and about at our merchants every day helping them thrive. Whether it’s out installing point of sale systems in businesses or helping lay cable in the ceiling, our owner/operators are always out providing excellent service.

$0 processing fees

If you’re paying processing fees, now’s the time to stop with our zero fee merchant services solution. If you decide that a traditional merchant account is better for your business, you can’t beat our rates. Combine our customer service, incredibly low rates and our personalized solutions, and you’ve found a processing partner for life.

Lifetime Rate Guarantee

You’ve probably seen it if not experienced it personally. Some credit card processing companies will do anything to make a dollar. Not us here at Shift Processing. We lock in your rate the day you sign up with us, even if it’s 0% through our free merchant services solution. You won’t find a statement in the future where we’ve hiked up your rates to make a few more bucks each month. Lock in your 0% rate today with Shift Processing, and drop your merchant account that has you paying thousands to accept cards as payment.

correct acceptance method

Determining the right payment acceptance method is the most important thing to get right when setting up your merchant account. Having your account set up the wrong way can mean you’re paying way too high a percentage per swipe. With the Shift Processing zero fee solution, you don’t have to worry about any of that! Skip the frustration and get the account where your business pays 0% per transaction.

easy-to-use equipment

There’s nothing more frustrating than setting up a new merchant account and then not knowing how to use the equipment. Our customer service team makes sure that you have all you need to get started right out of the box! No messing around guessing at how things are supposed to work. We give you the dream setup experience so you’re up and running within minutes of your delivery arrival.

No Hidden Fees

This is yet another of the shenanigans that we don’t take part in. Hidden fees are the primary way that most credit card processing companies gouge you for extra money each month. Don’t settle for the made up fees that most processing companies try to hook you with. Batch fees, Annual Fees and many others are added as a standard to merchant accounts. I bet if you check your current merchant statement that you’ll find some of these bogus fees that you’re paying right now. Don’t settle for this kind of behavior. Vote with your business and partner with a merchant services company that you can trust to treat you right.

Accept Credit Cards free and experience the freedom.

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