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No Cost Credit Card Processing for Small Business

There are countless merchant account providers out there. Most of them, however, have their own best interests in mind and only want to use their customers for money. They’ll look at anything they

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5 Ways Your Credit Card Payment System Is More Important Than Your Rate

Each year, millions of business owner’s sign up for merchant services or change merchant service providers and obtain a new credit card payment system.  Quite often, business owner’s decide that

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Should I open up a Merchant Account for my Business?

I remember it like it was yesterday. I finally got up the courage to do it, so I sat down and registered my own business in the state where I live. I cut the cord, left the office, went out on my own…

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Costco Credit Card Processing & Costco Merchant Services – A Review

One of our favorite bulk discount stores is offering services to business owners, but how do we know if their product is any good? Costco credit card processing is one of those offerings, and they advertise

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