Merchant Services Careers: How Much Money Can You Make?

Merchant Services Careers: How Much Money Can You Make?

Merchant services careers will earn you more money

Are you looking into merchant services careers? It can be a great opportunity to earn more money, but how do you know which career is the right option for you?

The number of opportunities to sell merchant services is almost overwhelming, and it’s hard to know which is best.

They all promise the best return and the most benefits, but which is telling the truth?

The truth is, only one merchant services career will make you the most money, and we have the answer waiting for you right here.


Merchant Services Careers: How Much Can You Make?

Meet Jane.

Merchant services careers will expand your income horizons

Jane is considering different merchant services careers.

She knows that she can make a residual income by selling merchant services, but she doesn’t know what career to pursue.

Her friends are currently selling traditional credit card processing, but she’s heard she can make more money selling zero-fee processing.

Which should she choose?

Merchant Services Careers: Providing a Service

When considering merchant services careers, there are lots of different types of businesses Jane can sell to.

Think about it. If a business provides a good or service, they will likely accept credit cards as a form of payment.

One example of a service business is an auto repair shop. These shops process thousands of dollars in credit card transactions every month, and they could really benefit from a zero-fee solution.

Traditional Merchant Services Career

If Jane sells traditional credit card processing, she’ll approach an auto repair shop thinking she can lower their rates.

She may be able to save them a few bucks on their credit card processing, but they’ll still have to pay fees. As a result, the shop may be hesitant to sign on with her just for minimal savings.

If she does sign a deal with them, she could make around $20 a month from that account, but there is always a possibility that they could leave her for a company with better rates.

Zero-Fee Merchant Services

$20 a month is still better than nothing, but Jane could make even more by selling zero-fee credit card processing.

That auto repair shop may be hesitant to sign with a company that can only slightly lower their rates, but they’ll be excited to eliminate their fees with Jane’s zero-fee solution.

When she completely eliminates the auto repair shop’s processing fees, she’ll make $240 a month on this single business rather than a mere $20.

Now Jane is starting to build a residual income, and she doesn’t have to worry about the shop leaving her for lower rates. They’re already getting the best rates possible with her!

With a merchant services carer, you'll be providing businesses with the best rates possible

Merchant Services Careers: Selling a Product

Businesses providing services obviously aren’t the only companies that process credit cards.

Nearly every store selling a physical product accepts credit cards, and those that don’t could still benefit from a zero-fee solution.

A good example of a business selling physical products is a gift or novelty shop.

While some may pay with cash, most individuals will purchase their little trinkets or souvenirs with a credit card, which means these businesses need to find the best rates in credit card processing.

Traditional Merchant Services Career

Just like the auto-repair shop, a gift shop will want to lower their credit card processing rates. While considering merchant services careers, Jane knows she’ll be able to save businesses money on their credit card processing.

When she only slightly lowers their rates, Jane could make $40 a month on that account, but she’ll still struggle to feel secure in her income.

With a traditional merchant services career, Jane will make most of her money by selling credit card terminals.

She could consider selling a terminal to a customer at cost, or she could lease them a terminal and make some money through a lease buy-out.

Either way, Jane will only receive a one-time payment rather than a recurring income.

She needs a way to generate a higher income.

Zero-Fee Merchant Services

If Jane sells zero-fee credit card processing, she’ll do more than just lower a store’s rates.

When this gift shop adopts her zero-fee processing solution, Jane will completely eliminate their processing fees while making more money for herself.

She’ll see her monthly income increase by $370 just from this one account.

She’ll still have a few options for selling a terminal, but she’ll be making more money by receiving a percentage of that business’s interchange fee.

Now Jane can feel secure in the money she’s making as she generates a higher residual income.

Earn more money with merchant services!

Merchant Services Careers: Serving a Product

Lots of businesses provide a service, and lots of businesses sell a product, but what about those that sell both?

Restaurants provide the service of cooking and waiting on customers, while a product is provided in the form of a meal.

This form of business is not exempt from the long list of companies that process credit cards, and Jane can provide them with the best processing with a zero-fee solution.

Traditional Merchant Services Career

If Jane pursues a traditional merchant services career, she won’t be able to eliminate a restaurants fees, but she may be able to lower them.

When Jane signs a typical restaurant on with her company’s credit card processing, she could make around $120 a month.

This may look good, and $120 is nothing to joke about. However, Jane could be making even more by selling zero-fee credit card processing.

Zero-Fee Merchant Services

Pursuing a traditional merchant services career will make Jane $120 a month from this restaurant, but she can make even more with a zero-fee career.

If Jane eliminates this restaurants credit card processing fees with a zero-fee solution, she could be making $520 a month on this account!

When Jane was first looking into merchant services careers, she knew she would have the opportunity to make money through sales, but she didn’t know that one account could make her so much money.

Choosing a Zero-Fee Merchant Services Career

When she was looking at merchant services careers, Jane looked at all the options. She considered how every job would affect her day and how much money she would make.

Jane saw that if she signed the three above businesses with a traditional merchant services career, she would make $180 month.

She knows that this won’t be enough to support her, and she’s worried that she won’t have the time to sell anything more.

That’s why Jane decided to choose a merchant services career that allows her to make her own schedule while generating a higher income.

If Jane signs the above three companies over to zero-fee, she could make $1,130 a month, and that’s just from three companies. If Jane works hard and sells more, she could be making up to $200,000 every year, and even more.

When Jane was considering merchant services careers, she knew that she could make a residual income, but she wasn’t confident that it could really happen.

With a career selling zero-fee credit card processing, Jane knows that her clients are getting the best deal possible. She’s confident that they’ll be satisfied and stay with her company for life.

A careers in merchant services will have you celebrating

Be Like Jane

If you’re like Jane, you’ll appreciate making more money selling zero-fee processing.

You can learn more about this exciting career opportunity by visiting our Credit Card Processing Careers post.

If you’re ready to get started, visit our Careers page today!

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