Don't Consider a Merchant Services Career Without Reading This!

Don’t Consider a Merchant Services Career Without Reading This!

A merchant services career will help you increase your residual income

A merchant services career will help you increase your residual income.

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There are a lot of benefits to a merchant services career, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the same for everyone.

A merchant services career will allow you to sell credit card processing to businesses that need it, but you shouldn’t make a hasty switch.

If you’re considering switching merchant processing careers, or if you’re entering the field for the first time, read this article to learn how the right payments processing company can optimize your skills, give you a sense of security, and make you more money.

Working in a merchant services career: Darla vs. Ralph

This is Darla.

A merchant services career will help increase your residual income

Darla sells credit card processing for Unnamed Processing Incorporated, a mainstream merchant service company like Bank of America or JP Morgan Chase.

She lives in Miami, FL and sells merchant services from Delray Beach, FL to Coral Springs, FL. Careers at Bank of America, Chase or Unnamed Processing Incorporated are very similar, and a client support specialist like Darla can make very little money if she doesn’t understand how payment processing really works.

Credit card processing is simply the act of processing sales paid for with a credit card.

She doesn’t love having to chase merchant business owners, but she feels like there is no better option for her. She’s doing ok, but she feels trapped in a job where she’s not flourishing at the level she should be.

Darla doesn’t like feeling like she is just a relationship manager between the bank and the business she is trying to help. She knows that POS solutions are not expensive and are easy to come across, giving the buyer the upper hand.

This is Ralph. He lives in Seattle, WA and sells products from Phoenix ,AZ to Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA.Merchant services careers will expand your income horizons

Ralph understands that merchant services careers can really expand a person’s income.

He sells merchant services for Shift Processing.

Ralph loves his career. He feels confident in his skills as a sales rep, and his hard work is already paying off.

What makes Darla and Ralph’s situations so different? They both work hard in a merchant services career, but the outcomes are drastically different.

It all comes down to the companies they work for.  Let’s take a closer look at the differences between Shift Processing and its competitors.

Daily life in a merchant services career

Any career will affect your day-to-day life, but what does an average day look like for Darla and Ralph?

Selling merchant services (commonly called a payment solutions sales consultant) looks different for both of them, and it surely affects their overall feelings about their jobs.


Darla wakes up at 7 am every day to cold-call businesses.

Her job gives her the illusion that she can make her own schedule, but she’s required to meet an ever-increasing monthly sales quota that she must report to her sales manager. Darla works long hours every day for very little pay.

Darla spends her day visiting businesses. She tries to teach them about her company’s merchant sales program to find the right marketing solutions for each merchant. 

What Darla finds most days is the best she can offer them is slightly lower rates than what they’re already paying. 

She tries to promise advantages that her company can provide like data security, but companies see that as a desperate attempt at gaining their business. 

Most business owners don’t want to go through the hassle of switching processing companies and possibly even business banking for only slightly lower rates, so she has trouble getting them to agree to talk to her.

When she does finally land a sale, she has to go through an extensive process of switching the business over to her company.

The paperwork is lengthy, and her customer is hesitant to sign a one-to-three year contract.

The payments industry can be rough on sales reps who don’t get to see a portion of the monthly residuals. The best payment solutions jobs and merchant services careers have a healthy residual sharing plan.

Merchant services will allow you to be the master of your day

At the end of each day at what feels more like a temporary job than a career, she goes back home feeling like she has nothing to show for all her hard work.


On days where Ralph is excited to start his day, he’ll set his alarm for 7 am and hits the ground running. On other days when he just wants to stay in bed a little longer, he’ll sleep in and enjoy a relaxing morning. 

He may stay home and call business owners over the phone, or he may take the day off. With a company like Shift Processing, there’s no monthly quota looming over his head that says he has to sell or lose his monthly residual. 

Ralph has set up a referral partner that works in the cash register business that sends leads his way. He also has an agreement with a local business analyst and a small business account manager that brings in new leads for him to follow up on. 

Ralph has no monthly sales quota to meet, so he has the complete freedom to shape his schedule to his desires, giving him solid worklife balance.

When he goes out cold-calling, business owners are excited to talk with him about eliminating 100% of their processing fees.

Ralph has no problem selling Shift’s merchant services. With no monthly fees or year-long contracts, the service practically sells itself.

Every time Ralph makes a sale, the process is super quick. The merchant application is short, and customers appreciate that all of Shift’s business is done month-to-month.

When Ralph returns home at the end of the day, he feels satisfied knowing that all his hard work will pay off.

He has saved jobs for many businesses by simply eliminating their credit card processing fees and giving the business more profit to put back into the workforce.

A merchant services career can help you increase you monthly revenue

Earning money

Everyone hopes that their job will earn them a good income. A merchant services career can help you increase your monthly revenue.

Both Darla and Ralph work hard for their money, but only one feels like his paycheck reflects the work he does.


Darla knows that she should be earning more, but she doesn’t know how to make it happen. 

The businesses that Darla has signed aren’t making her the money she would like. She has a portfolio of clients, but she only makes an average of $900 a month.

With this income, she doesn’t have enough money to put toward her goals or hobbies, and she has to go out and sell to more business or she won’t make rent for that month.

When Darla makes a sale, her company’s restrictive contracts and monthly fees don’t allow her to make much money off of it.

She’s building the organization’s bottom line at her own expense while her company is pocketing 90% of her account’s profitability. She makes less than Ralph, and relies on a cash advance to stay ahead of the bills on slower months.

The stress from Darla’s job makes her feel trapped. She makes a tiny residual income from her sales, but she’s always nervous that her customers will leave her for a better processing company.

Because of her limited income, Darla lacks a sense of security in her merchant services career.


Ralph loves the money that he makes, and he’s excited to know he can make even more!

At Shift Processing, Ralph has the ability to eliminate 100% of his customer’s processing fees on credit cards and debit cards. Gift cards aren’t charged a fee, but he’s pretty confident that if they were that he’d be able to eliminate that as well.

As a result, he makes an average of $10,000 a month! You don’t need a financial analyst to explain Ralph’s advantage. 

Not only are more companies excited about signing on with him, but they are referring corporate clients his way. And Shift gives him a higher percentage of the profit from each merchant account!

Ralph doesn’t stress about his customers leaving him for another business. He’s confident in the service he sells, and he knows that the deals he’s signed will give him a residual income for life.

Your life with a merchant services career

Do you relate to Darla? Is your company experience similar to working for the unnamed merchant services company like a JPMorgan Chase, or Bank of America type of company? 

If you’re in a merchant services career that leaves you feeling trapped and insecure, it may be time to consider a switch in processing companies. Shift Processing gives you all the opportunities you need to succeed.

If you’re considering a new career in merchant services, you’ll want to model your job after Ralph rather than Darla. Make sure you pick a company that cares about your goals as much as you do. Shift provides equal opportunities to all who apply.

A career in merchant services is similar to being a sales specialist or sales consultant. Working with business owners both in person and on the phone is how you’ll invest your day.

You will get to spend some time in merchants’ stores installing both wired and wireless terminals.

With a career in merchant services, you can even help people in e-Commerce solutions get payment from their own customers.

Want to learn more about selling credit card processing? Check out our Credit Card Processing Careers post!

Careers at Chase, Bank of America and many other institutions will be fine for people who don’t know better, but that’s not you anymore. 

You know that there’s much more money to be made by selling an easier to sell product that eliminates all fees for a business owner.

It’s time to choose a career where you get to truly help people and get paid handsomely for it.

Ready to pursue a career with Shift?

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