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Should I open up a Merchant Account for my Business?

I remember it like it was yesterday. I finally got up the courage to do it, so I sat down and registered my own business in the state where I live. I cut the cord, left the office, went out on my own…

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How great Merchant Service is truly bringing sexy back…

When you think about merchant service, sexy isn’t exactly the first word to come to mind. If you’re anything like me, I just flat out don’t like anything that costs me a portion of the money I earn.

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Costco Credit Card Processing & Costco Merchant Services – A Review

One of our favorite bulk discount stores is offering services to business owners, but how do we know if their product is any good? Costco credit card processing is one of those offerings, and they advertise

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Why you Shouldn’t Buy a Credit Card Terminal for your Business

You’re a business owner who wants to accept credit cards. While shopping around for your options, you consider price, ease of use, reliability and customer service. But before you tackle those

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4 Reasons You Should NEVER Lease A Credit Card Machine

In the past, businesses accepting credit cards had few options but to lease a credit card machine. Those days are behind us. If you’re talking with a company rep that says you have to lease a machine

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Should I Trust My Bank For Merchant Services?

For many business owners, setting up bank merchant services for the first time can be a huge hassle.  A lot of times people go straight to the local bank because they think they will give them the best

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AMEX Merchant Services – Accept American Express with No Fees!

AMEX Merchant Services – The Old Rules In years gone by, AMEX Merchant Services always had higher rates than Mastercard® and Visa®. Whenever a payment came in using an American Express card,

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Is Square ® the best choice for my business?

Are you like me and find yourself wondering if the credit card processing solution that you are using is the right fit for your business? Do you wonder if your fees could be lower or your equipment could

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5 Questions to Ask When Looking For A New Credit Card Processing Company

1. Does your Credit Card Processing Company have a cancellation or early termination fee? Processors who have cancellation fees or early termination fees always have something that they’re hiding. They

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