AMEX Merchant Services - Accept American Express with No Fees!

AMEX Merchant Services – Accept American Express with No Fees!

AMEX merchant services

AMEX Merchant Services – The Old Rules

In years gone by, AMEX Merchant Services always had higher rates than Mastercard® and Visa®. Whenever a payment came in using an American Express card, I paid more than any other payment method.

While this may have been true in the past, things rarely stay the same. Recently, American Express launched their OPT Blue program, changing the way that business can accept AMEX Merchant Services.

This new change could benefit your business by allowing you to get much lower rates than what you are currently paying with the ease of one simple statement for your merchant processing.

4 Reasons Why AMEX Merchant Services Is For Your Business

· Lower pricing!

Typically, most merchants are paying rates in access of 3.50% for AMEX Merchant Services. (We have even seen rates as high as 4+%.) With this new program, select credit card processing companies are able to adjust the rate depending on the type of business or transaction volume. Limitations still exist on pricing but it can make accepting American Express much more reasonable for your business. We recently began moving our clients to the new Opt blue program, and have been able to lower their rates to as low as 1.65%. I don’t know about your current cost to accept AMEX Merchant Services, but for my business it resulted in a significant savings.

· Faster Deposits!

If in the past you have accepted American Express® at your business, you are probably aware that you had to wait 3 to 5 business days to get your deposits. With the Opt blue program, your funds can be deposited as soon as the next day. Waiting for your money can be a distant memory.

· One simple Statement!

Forget the past where you would receive a statement for American Express and another statement for all your other credit card brands. With the new Opt Blue Program, you will receive one simple statement for all of your credit card brands across your business.

· Ease of Acceptance

With American Express Opt Blue, it doesn’t matter which card a customer takes out of their wallet when it comes time to pay. Your customers can pay any way they desire as your business will be able to accept all cards and not worry about any added fees.

Involvement in the American Express Opt Blue Program is open to all merchants that process less than one million dollars per year in American Express® volume. If you process more than one million dollars, you will be assigned a dedicated American Express Representative.

Regardless if you currently accept American Express® or have never accepted American Express®, you want a merchant processing company that will negotiate your Amex fees. Shift Processing exists to save you thousands in fees so you can grow your business faster, even completely eliminating your processing fees with free credit card processing.

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