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Cash discount will increase profits

How Business Owners are Increasing Profits By Offering a Cash Discount

Making a greater profit by giving cash customers a discount may sound like faulty logic, but it’s completely possible with a cash discount. How does charging less make you more money? The answer

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Cash discount processing will save your business money.

Cash Discount Processing vs. Traditional Processing: Who’s the Champ?

Using credit cards has become an extremely convenient and beneficial way for customers to purchase products. But with the absence of cash discount processing, benefits are often paid for at the merchant’s

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A cash discount will help a business man save money!

The Savvy Businessman’s Guide to Saving with a Cash Discount Program

A cash discount program is a great way for your business to save money by eliminating all credit card processing fees. Traditional credit card processing charges you for every credit card transaction. While

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Cash Discount Program: Frequently Asked Questions

The world of credit card processing can be overwhelming, and you may have some questions regarding our cash discount program.To help you to better understand our program, we have compiled a list of our

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How Not Using a Cash Discount is Destroying Your Business Profit Margin

Cash discount programs can be a saving grace for business owners looking to cut costs on credit card processing fees. If you’re a business owner, you most likely process multiple credit card transactions

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Is No Fee Credit Card Processing Right for your Business?

Every year, thousands of types of businesses struggle to find ways to be able to add to their bottom line.  With ever-rising costs, it’s a struggle to find a way to make enough to pay bills but also

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Is It Legal To Charge A Credit Card Processing Fee?

This is a great question. With the ever-increasing cost of accepting credit cards, debit cards, and even prepaid cards, this question of is it legal to charge a credit card processing fee is being

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12 Methods of Cutting Costs for Business That Save Jobs

Big business is known for being ruthless when it comes to cutting costs. There’s usually barely a discussion before making the decision to lay off employees in droves to save a business that is

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Cost Reduction Strategies for the Thrifty Business Owner

You are not alone if you’re looking for business expense cost reduction strategies. Any business that’s been at it for more than a year is sure to have areas that are ripe for cost-saving strategies.

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Business Money Saving Tips: 9 Ways to Increase Your Bottom Line

Business money saving tips are amazing, even when you aren’t in financial straights. Businesses of all types and size can use these money saving tips for business with better bottom lines. (and

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