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Credit Card Processing Restrictions on Marijuana are Limiting Your Sales, Here’s How.

In the past few years, eleven states have legalized recreational marijuana. Thirty one states have legalized medical marijuana. That means as a whole, most Americans have the option to buy from the cannabis

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credit card machine taking payment

Which Credit Card Machine is Right for Your Business?

Purchasing the right credit card machine, or card terminal is heavily dependent on where and how business owners have structured their organization.  How you choose to process credit card

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Marijuana payment processing options.

Marijuana Payment Processing Options Ranked Worst to Best

Marijuana payment processing options are less than ideal. Federal laws still do not consider marijuana legal anywhere in the country. Despite this, the majority of states have legalized marijuana

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cannabis banking

Cannabis Banking: Why It’s Such a Struggle

Cannabis dispensaries are facing a challenge finding banking solutions in a predominately cash based business model. Credit card processing for Cannabis is changing the game, but there are still hurdles

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How Customer Service Skills Directly Affect Your Bottom Line

Are you struggling to compete and draw in new customers when you can no longer afford to lower prices? Are you watching your customers leave you for a competitor with the same products as you? It may

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Customer service skills training will help your business grow

Why All Employees Need Customer Service Skills Training

If you’re a business owner, you know that a great business comes from a qualified staff. But what if your staff is well versed in your products and sales still stay the same? You heard that customer

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6 Bad Customer Service Skills that are Costing You Customers

Are you looking to improve your customer service skills? Customer service is a huge part of earning and maintaining the business of your customers, but it is often overlooked. You may be losing customers

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skills for customer service will help your business grow

Skills For Customer Service That Will Help Your Business Grow

Has your business growth begun to level out? Are you stuck in a stagnant company? You may work hard to improve your company by focusing on your product, but what are you missing? Skills for customer service

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Credit card processing jobs can brighten your future

3 Credit Card Processing Jobs to Brighten Your Future

Do you feel stuck in your job? Does work get in the way of pursuing things you love? Do you work hard only to see the same small paycheck at the end of the week? Are you a job seeker looking for a new

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Merchant services careers will earn you more money

Merchant Services Careers: How Much Money Can You Make?

Are you looking into merchant services careers? It can be a great opportunity to earn more money, but how do you know which career is the right option for you? The number of opportunities to sell merchant

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